Thursday, February 9, 2012

Everyone is terrible.

I wanted to enter this as a "worst date" story contest, but my story is almost double the 500 word entry limit. So I'm blogging it, yo...


I'm not sure if you can call this a worst date story, because it involves being stood up for dates. Three weeks in a row. By three different men.

Maybe it's being in New York or maybe it's being a performer, but I tend to meet a lot of people on a daily basis. I also take advantage of being single and will give my information to men that I find attractive and that I would like to get to know better. But from the time that we exchange information, set the date to get together, and the day the date rolls around, something is going terribly wrong. Let me tell you about this month alone and why I am swearing off dating for a while.

It started with this cute guy that I would make eyes at and have cute small talk with at one of my favorite local eateries. I think he told me within 2 minutes of me first walking into their establishment that he just "had to" tell me that I was beautiful. A little hokey, but I'll take it. A couple weeks later he finally musters up the courage to talk to me and says that he just wanted to take me out to dinner. Finally! No more coffee dates for this gal! I give him my number and we set a lunch date.  I'm super psyched about going on a real date with a guy that I am genuinely interested in that seems genuinely interested in me. Thursday rolls around and I send a friendly text to make sure we are still meeting up. He replies that his grandmother died and that he can't make it, but maybe a few days later would be better... A few days? After your grandmother died? It seemed a bit odd to me, but I told him that I was sorry for his loss and that we could move it to Thursday...

Thursday rolls around -- nothing. Not even a fake "I'm sick" text.

So, another bites the dust. No matter. It's New York. I'll meet someone new soon.

And as a matter of fact, within a couple of days I do! This time I'm at my place of work and this sweet guy asks to see me after I get off of work for a drink.  I take him up on the offer and go with him and his friend and have a nice time chatting and just hanging out in the city with someone that also seems genuinely interested in me. Numbers are exchanged and the day of Thursday is decided upon as when we will meet.

Thursday rolls around, again.  I receive a text message describing how sorry he is but that he has just come down with a horrible case of bronchitis and can't see me that night. No free dinner for this lady. Again.

I brush it off. Don't take it personally, my friends tell me. Those guys have their own issues to work out. But what about me? What about the promised dinner and sibling count-downs and hometown discussions I was looking forward to? I like going on dates. I'm pretty cute and damn charming if I'm given an proper chance.

But it's just another guy, and it's New York City. I'm bound to meet someone new soon.

And as luck would have it, I do. Again.  This time it's after work and I did something out of the ordinary for me - went out by myself for a drink.  I didn't need someone to ask me out for a frothy alcoholic beverage. I'm a 21st century woman. I can pay for my own drink.  But, of course, there is an extremely handsome man that strikes up a conversation with me. He's cute, funny, employed.  All the basic essentials for a seemingly good man.  We exchange numbers. He tells me that he must see me again soon and that he wants to take me out to dinner.

Thursday is decided upon...

Realizing the pattern developing from the two previous weeks, I decided to take my friend up on a ticket to the opera... Just in case. Thursday rolls around... I hear nothing and I'm starting to worry. This guy was really cute and I really want to go on a date with him. I send him a text "just checking in to see if we are still on for tonight :)" Happy face and all.  I get back a long text message,

"I'm so sorry but my grandfather is in the hospital in the bronx and I have to go up and visit him. Sorry. Maybe we can push back our thing for a few days?"

Really. Three times in a row. On a Thursday. And did he and first guy get together and talk about ways to blow girls off on the day of their dates? Do they have the same grandparents that are always dying or is there just a rotating position of dying or dead grandparent that they hire people out for?

Again, I brush it off. I am glad I made back up plans seeing as the opera was truly amazing, but it still makes me sad that I had to. Why can't today's man get it together and just stick to simple plan of dinner on Thursday with a nice girl?

If nothing else, I will remind myself again that I am in New York City and I am bound to meet someone new. But a new rule to myself, no more Thursday dates and no more losers.