Sunday, January 22, 2012

Don't be that person, person.

Have you ever had those moments where you wish you could say to someone, "Please, please... don't be that person."

I had very many moments tonight at work where I wish I could have said that to various tables.  What made it worse is that people were up my ass from the moment I stepped on the floor to start working.

I'm not sure what it is about people in New York, but they are very VERY needy when it comes to drinking their fucking coffee. It's ridiculous. It started with this female french couple that came in and from the start, they made me want to punch them in the face. I bring them over water, and they ask for tea and say that they don't want the water, at all. Oh, of course! 22,000 children are dying all over the world today because they lack clean drinking water, but sure. I'll dump yours in this bucket over here because you just don't want it. No bigs. I'll be right back with your tea!

Then, I bring them coffee, and they don't like the size of the fucking cup. Seriously? Are you going to be the that person? She asked me if it was even real coffee.  Again... Seriously? What the fuck do you think it is? Because they were foreign, I said to her the phrase that I am sure she would understand.

"I don't understand what you're saying."

She insisted that the brown hot liquid goodness I had given her in her not-appropriately sized cup was not real coffee and instant coffee.

"This is American coffee, not real coffee."

What? You crazy fucking bitch. Don't be that person. Shut your dumb face and drink your coffee like an adult. It's coffee. That's what it is. It isn't instant coffee, it isn't water with brown food coloring warmed up in a microwave --- just stop. Please.

Ok. My rant is over. This other blog post made me laugh, and it where I got this image... :)

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  1. Dear god, yes. That link you posted describes EVERY SINGLE DAY of the last two and a had years. Is it complicated to just order and act like someone I can tolerate, customer? FUCK NO, it's not. Guess what? I hate most of you, but *i* still manage to smile at you fools for hours and hours every day. You can pretend to be not-rude-and-moronic for the three minutes you have to be in my presence. The end.