Saturday, January 21, 2012


I haven't written in such a long time it feels almost comical to update my blog, but that's why I have one. To update it.

Quick Update:
I graduated school. Finally.
I moved to New York.
I'm crazy poor and insanely single. But in a hot way.

I moved to New York City to pursue my idealistic dream of becoming a successful opera singer. I quickly found myself in an AMAZING summer program after being too poor to stay in the initial one that I was in. Let's just say that was probably in the top ten most uncomfortable situations I've ever been in so far. Either way, it worked out for the best. But after the amazing summer program, I needed a job. So I started working at a theater, and when that job ended I became *drumroll* a waitress!


I was SO MAD at myself when I initially started this job. I had moved to this city so I could be a singer, not a waitress. But times is hard and I have the show 2 Broke Girls to cheer me up with similar poor life decision making skills. But it's not even poor life decision making skills, it's just life. I needed a job and I got a job and I support myself. Bam. Everyone else can suck it because at least I can rely on my own income to get what I need... most of the time.

I thought about maybe online dating just so I could get free dinner, but that just seemed a little cruel. Even though there is a blog out there where I think that is what this girl does and she is really successful at it. I would just wonder, after the free meal, do you have to give them a free blow job?

I digress. Anyway, it's nice to be back writing, cyberworld! Maybe you are reading me, maybe not. Either way, I will sing my songs and write my words to you.

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  1. I'm reading you! And I don't think you should ever have felt mad about getting the waitress job -- you're supporting yourself in a bad economy in a city you love. That's awesome! I miss you & think about you lots! Write more things so I can know what's going on :)